It’s not just about washing cars. It’s about how we wash them. We are focused on finding smarter ways to reduce our environmental impact and offsetting our carbon footprint. We are committed to making investments and operational decisions that reduce the impact and enhance sustainability in our operations, specifically around water use. Water is a precious resource and one we are not willing to waste. We are focused on finding innovative solutions to reduce freshwater usage through all of our tunnel applications.

Using a professional car wash is already better for the environment than washing your car at home. But we’ve taken it a step further to reduce our draw on freshwater systems by installing reclaim water systems and slow flow nozzles.

Our data shows that when we implement our system freshwater usage goes down 11%. And our team regularly evaluates and tests how we can continue to reduce and recycle water usage.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) units allow us to reuse some reject water to reduce our draw on freshwater and has proven that the hard-mineral base in this water acts as an efficient soap rinse, producing a cleaner car.


Mister & Project Wet

We recognize that water is a finite resource, and we are committed to being responsible water users.
We recognize that water is a finite resource, and we are committed to being responsible water users both within the four walls of our locations and as members of our greater communities. That’s why we’ve partnered with global nonprofit the Project WET Foundation to educate our customers about the water cycle and where their water comes from, and provide action items people can take to better protect their watershed and become better water stewards.

At Mister

We’re not just a car wash: we’re a team of over 6,000 strong that live, work, and go to school in the cities where we operate.

Where and how you wash makes all the difference to the environment and to the community that shares your water source. Professional car washes use less water than washing at home. Mister is committed to efficient water use through every stage of the wash process, reducing freshwater usage, and making use every drop.  


At Home

A lot happens for you to be able to turn on your faucet every day.
Your home is part of a large system of water sourcing, treatment, and community waterways, and understanding these systems will make you a more responsible steward of this valuable resource.

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