It’s Time to Go 360˚ with Our Best Wash Yet

Titanium’s innovative wash application provides 360˚ protection and a mirror-like finish. Our exclusive Titanium wash includes our signature HotShine® Carnauba Wax waterfall and Platinum Repel Shield for the ultimate immersive car wash experience.

Image of a blue car with highlights of the products in the Titanium wash and their benefits. Products include: Titanium 360 which provides a mirror-like finish, 360 degree protection, & underbody defense. HotShine® Carnauba Wax which provides radiant shine, greater longevity & durability, & exceptional protection. Platinum Repel Shield which provides high shine and gloss, repels water, & a final protective finish. Wheel Polish which provides targeted wheel treatment & resists break dust buildup. Underbody defense which provides underside coverage & corrosion resistance. Underbody rinse which removes harmful soil and salt buildup. Tire Shine which is a silicone application that provides lasting shine.

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