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As we build a sustainable future our focus remains on creating a company and culture that Inspires Shine.

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With every car we wash, we continue our commitment to Inspiring People to Shine ™ beyond the car wash tunnel and into our communities. As a socially conscious neighbor, we want to improve and provide a brighter future for our team members, our customers, and our communities.

Our Priorities

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People are the center of everything we do and the heartbeat of our company. To recruit and retain the most qualified employees in the industry, we focus on training and development, progressive team member benefits, diversity and inclusion, and operational excellence.

Happy and well-cared for team members bring their best selves to work. They also want to stay and build a career with us. Our team member eNPS of 55 is best-in-class and puts us on par with other top tier retailers.

  • Manager Training

    Training and Development

    Our progressive approach to adult learning focuses on mastery of skill and couples online with hands on courses.

  • Mister Benefits

    Progressive Team Member Benefits

    Mister is committed to providing competitive compensation and benefits that enhance our team members lives, giving them greater peace of mind for the future.

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    Diversity & Inclusion

    We believe that diversity of thought and an inclusive work environment bring out the shine in everyone.

  • Operational Excellence

    Standards and process keep our team members safe and provide a consistent experience for our customers.

It Starts with Onboarding

Employees spend their first ten days steeped in learning Mister’s safety and operational procedures. Online learning is curated by job role and designed to complement hands-on training to ease the learning process.

Building Leaders Through Continued Training

MisterLearn™ online-learning portal features over 160 courses that are specially designed for the adult learner, offer a pathway to career growth, are a resource to learn new skills, and a way to explore interests to become a more well-rounded person. MisterLearn™ features learning pathways to leadership, sales, maintenance positions, optional training in soft skills, computer literacy, and other areas to equip team members with advanced knowledge and skills.

Quarterly career check-ins help team members achieve their goals

Our Operations Leadership Program couples online learning with structured on-the-job training to build a strong bench of field operations leaders. During this training, future leaders polish their operational excellence while focusing on building business acumen and the leadership skills needed for our people-centered approach. The program breaks the tradition of time-bound training programs and focuses instead on mastery of skills, ensuring that potential leaders take the next step only when ready to do so.

Making A Career

Over 95% of our field leadership team has been promoted from within.

Career Path

It starts with competitive pay

Increased hourly wages an average of 6% per year over the last three years.

Benefits that go beyond the workplace

Progressive and affordable health benefits including member advocacy to get the best care at the lowest cost and enhanced mental health programs focused on accessibility.

  • 6 weeks of paid parental leave after welcoming a new family member through birth or adoption for moms and dads.
  • Eligibility for company 401(k) match at 6 months of employment.
  • No-cost personal financial health courses, budgeting, and planning tools. Nearly $1 Million in debt eliminated and over $1 Million in personal savings added by team members.
Continuing our commitment to learning

Providing tuition reimbursement for GED, trade schools, English as a second language, and college courses. Team members also have access to our annual Mister Cares Foundation™ scholarship. We are passionate about giving our team members the tools to shine.

Starts with Listening

Gathered a set of diverse voices to lead the Diversity & Inclusion committee. The committee represents each level of our organization and promotes minority voices.

Our Commitment to Keep Improving

We’ve built channels for our team members to share feedback with us and propose ideas that will make us all better. These channels are a way for us to have a two-way conversation that builds trust and sparks change.

Sustainable Strategy to Diversity
  • Tracking and reporting on diversity numbers internally.
  • Upcoming training tools focused on unconscious bias and creating an inclusive workplace.
  • Launching Employee Resource Groups.
Staying Safe Together

Safety is woven into all of our training and procedures to ensure our team members make it back to their families safely. When an incident does occur, we follow it up with additional training to make sure we are learning and getting better along the way.

We recorded a 32% reduction in employee injuries in 2020.

Maintenance Team Support

We’ve built out a dedicated training track for our Maintenance team members. Deeper maintenance support reduces the reliance on store management to troubleshoot and repair tunnel systems, which in turn leads to lower safety incidents and more consistency in equipment upkeep.

Focus on Preventative Maintenance

Our preventative maintenance program focuses on early recognition of needed repairs and ongoing monitoring to mitigate against major equipment failure.

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Water & Energy

It’s not just about washing cars. It’s about how we wash them. We are focused on finding smarter ways to reduce our environmental impact and offsetting our carbon footprint. We are committed to making investments and operational decisions that reduce the impact and enhance sustainability in the following areas: Freshwater Recycling and Reduction, Environmentally Friendly Chemistry, and Smart Energy Consumption.

  • Car Wash Spray

    Freshwater Recycling & Reduction

    Water is a precious resource and one we are not willing to waste. We are focused on finding innovative solutions to reduce freshwater usage through all of our tunnel applications.

  • Water spray lights

    Environmentally Friendly Chemistry

    We are conscious that the water leaving our stores is not harmful to our local wastewater systems.

  • Car Wash Detail

    Smart Energy Consumption

    We continue to evaluate our car wash operations, with the goal of reducing energy use and using it more efficiently.

Using Less

Using a professional car wash is already better for the environment than washing your car at home. But we’ve taken it a step further to reduce our draw on freshwater systems by installing reclaim water systems and slow flow nozzles.

Our data shows that when we implement our system freshwater usage goes down 11%.

Our Water Quality and Usage team regularly evaluates and tests how we can continue to reduce and recycle water usage.

Recycling Used Water in other applications

We’ve identified applications to use the reject water from our Reverse Osmosis (RO) water units. The additional gallon that we are able to reuse for every gallon cleaned reduces our draw on freshwater and has proven that the hard-mineral base in this water acts as an efficient soap rinse, producing a cleaner car.

Sustainable Future

Part of our sustainable look to the future is planning for a scenario where water usage is restricted in a community.  We proactively evaluate and test new technologies and systems to minimize water consumption.

Fresh Water In – Safe Water Out

Our proprietary cleaning products are free of phosphates and dyes. Our wastewater systems are designed and maintained to ensure compliance with municipal water regulations. We regularly receive recognition from municipality water authorities on our processes for reducing harmful runoff and appreciation of our partnership to find creative solutions to improve our wastewater impact.

“The commitment to the safety and wellbeing of the community and resources that we are working to protect, you have shown to be a priority as well. I personally appreciate that.” – Washington State Water Specialist

“I also appreciate working with you as well. It’s rare to find an Authorized Representative who is as committed to compliance as you.” – Arizona Regional Wastewater Inspector

Reducing Energy Pull

We are leading the industry in the adoption of air gates as part of our Dynamic Dry™ system. Air gates reduce the required electricity consumption on our blowers by reducing the number of times they turn off and on between vehicles in the tunnel.


Reduction in energy consumption.

Reducing Waste

One of the many benefits of our in-house and proprietary Unity Chemistry™ system is a more concentrated formula. By separating chemistries into their components versus compounds we can get a more concentrated mixture compared to other industry products. This leads to reduced plastic usage and lowers shipping emissions since we are not shipping unnecessary water to maintain chemistry integrity.

Culture & Community

Our local communities are an extension of our car wash. We proudly partner with thousands of organizations across the country that align with our goals of inspiring shine, fostering a love of learning, and teaching life skills. Our community giving programs take many forms as we find the best way to partner and provide the most impact. Through Inspiring Futures we support classrooms and teachers. Community Giving is hyper-local, giving back to organizations supporting the communities around our stores. Additionally, Mister Cares Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public foundation, provides financial assistance to our team members.

  • Prodeo Academy

    Inspiring Futures

    As a people first company we provide extensive training and development programs to our employees to set them up for success. This priority has also translated to the causes we support beyond the car wash through our Inspiring Futures program.

  • We love mister soccer

    Community Giving

    Our fundraising and donation programs are a simple way for non-profit organizations to reach their goals.

  • Mister Cares Foundation

    Mister Cares Foundation

    Through Mister Cares Foundation we are supporting team members in financial need.

Investing in our communities

Inspiring Futures is an investment into our communities’ classrooms by awarding grants to local schools and giving generously through our sponsorship, donation, and fundraising programs. In addition, we support our employees who are passionate about improving their knowledge and furthering their education by awarding tuition scholarships annually.

$4 Million

Given back to community organizations since 2015

Supporting Classrooms

Teachers Who Shine – $245K back to local classrooms and teachers.

Scholarships – $121K to support team members in higher education, trade schools or GED programs.

Tuition Reimbursement – $360K to support our team members in higher education since 2019.

Generous Fundraising & Donation Programs

We partner with hundreds of local organizations annually to support them in achieving their goals. Through our fundraising and donation program, we donate 50% of the proceeds to the organization to support programs that build life skills and support our broader community.


Organizations supported by Fundraising

$850 Average Raised per Fundraiser

16K Complimentary Washes for Veterans

$365K Donations Given

Supporting Classrooms, After School Programs & Youth Sports

Helping ease the burden

Mister Cares Foundation, a public 501(c)(3) foundation, is focused on supporting those with unexpected financial hardship. Through generous donations from Mister Car Wash’s private equity sponsor, Mister Car Wash senior management, team member payroll directed contributions, as well as others, the foundation has helped over 200 individuals with $180,000 in grants since 2020.

“I just would like to say thank you so much for your help in this time of need. I really didn’t know how I was going to ask for help. When I heard about this program it was a dream come true! I would just like to say from the bottom of my heart I appreciate this program and I rate it to be a 5-star program for a magnificent company that I cherish so much to call Mister Car Wash my place of employment.” – Assistant Manager, Alabama

“Thank you so so so much for helping me and my family!  I am so extremely grateful to Mister! I love this company I honestly can’t even express the relief I feel at knowing we will have a roof over our head thanks to Mister!” -Regional Specialist, Arizona

Our Aspirations

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Be the employer of choice in the service industry


Operate our car wash locations more efficiently by identifying opportunities to reduce energy, water consumption and waste to landfill



Deliver innovation around water recycling