Detail services and preventative maintenance go hand in hand.

We offer detail service options for basic protection (such as a wax or leather seat clean and condition); for car enthusiasts who want their car looking its best in preparation for a big date, selling their vehicle or just because; and for deep cleaning to mitigate for those occasions when “detail happens.”

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Hand Applied Wax

Hand applied polymer wax to give you superior paint protection and shine.
This service includes our Full Serve #1 Wash package.

Premium Wax

Machine applied paint sealant for premium paint protection.
This service includes our Full Serve #1 Wash package.

Interior Detail

Our top of the line interior detail service includes our Full Serve #1 Wash package to clean and protect the outside of your vehicle. Our team will then clean the interior with the following services:

- Compressed air used to reach dirt and dust in the cracks and crevices
- Thorough vacuum of mats, carpets, seats and storage area
- Light dusting of all vinyl or leather surfaces
- Condition all vinyl or leather surfaces
- Carpet Shampoo

Executive Detail

Our Executive Detail package is the complete clean for your entire vehicle. This package comes with our Interior Detail package and your choice of our Hand Applied Polymer Wax or Machine Applied Paint Sealant on the exterior.