Last Updated: September 27, 2023

Notice of Financial Incentive

For California consumers, please see this Notice of Financial Incentive prior to signing up for this one-time promotional offer.  This offer involves collecting California personal information categories of identifiers, commercial information, customer records, internet and electronic network activity and device information, and inferences, which may be considered a financial incentive under California law in exchange for the collection and retention of personal information. 

We are providing you this disclosure so you can make an informed decision on whether to participate in this offer.  This offer is a one-time percentage of coupon when you provide us your email address and agree to receive marketing emails in exchange for this one-time coupon.  You can opt-into this offer by submitting your personal information and consenting to receiving marketing emails from us.  This offer may not be available at all times.  Full terms of the offer are available here.  You may opt-out of this offer and from marketing communications from us at any time as further set forth in our Privacy Policy or by submitting your request to 

We do not assign a monetary value to the information we collect via this offer, however, our good faith estimate of the value of your personal information provided to us is based off of the value of the benefit we offer to you with this promotion, which is based on our sole but reasonable determination of the value of such information, taking into account the anticipated expenses incurred in the collection, storage, and use of such information in the operation of our business, the anticipated revenue generated, and other factors as permitted by law.