The average height of a Mister wash tunnel is 7 feet 2 inches. The average tire track width is 12.5 inches.

Please note: All tunnels are different sizes. For specific dimensions or recommendations on whether your vehicle can safely wash with us, please speak with your local store team.

Please check with your local Mister Car Wash location to see if vehicles with dual back tires, such as double-wide pickup trucks, or trailer hitches are permitted.

Vehicles with tires mounted on the back may be permitted, but our team may choose to retract the brushes that touch this area to maintain the safety of your vehicle, our equipment, and other customers.

For the safety of our customers and employees, we do not allow trailers or RVs through the tunnel.

It is not recommended to allow bike racks to go through the wash. Please check with your local Mister Car Wash location.

Our tire shine is water-based.

Yes, they are safe. We use a range of pH solutions to get the car clean.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Carte Blanche.

Most locations have free vacuums included with the purchase of a wash. Find your nearest Mister Car Wash location here.

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