At this time, we don’t offer Unlimited Wash Club® options for fleet customers. Our two programs, Wash Passes and Fleet Accounts do work well for many customers and we can offer a discount based on volume. For more information, please visit the Fleet Accounts and Bulk Pricing page.

For Fleet Accounts, we issue individual RFID tags which include a unique number and can be assigned to each of your vehicles. Your monthly invoice will show each RFID tag and the number of times it was used at any of our locations.

For Wash Passes, we issue passes in bulk for your team to use.

You will receive a detailed, itemized invoice with the RFID tag, date and time of service for each wash received in your fleet.

Wash passes are sent once we have received the payment through our online system. We use expedited shipping to ensure the timely delivery of your passes. For Fleet Accounts, we are on a net 30 billing cycle and you will receive your invoice the following month, which will include charges for the previous month.

Invoice inquiries should be directed to

Double bill charges can be directed to

Wash passes will be shipped out via FedEx 24-48 hours after receiving payment.

The RFID tag should be placed horizontal on the bottom corner of the front interior/exterior windshield on the driver’s side within a half-inch of each edge of the windshield. Do not place the RFID tag over any information printed on the windshield to ensure the bar code can be scanned properly.

• If other tags (i.e. Department of Motor Vehicle sticker) are already affixed to this portion of the windshield, the RFID tag should be placed horizontally above or below and within a half inch of other tags.
• Certain vehicles have windshields embedded with materials which prevent the reading of RFID tags. Examples include heated windshields, rain sensors, sun/heat reflecting windshields, and windshields with radio antennas. The owner’s manual of the vehicle may provide “clear zones” in the windshield for placement of RFID tags and other similar items. Clear zones are often located by the rear view mirror and base of the windshield.
• Deviations from the lower driver side corner should be minimized. The RFID readers are set up to concentrate on the lower corner of the windshield and placement elsewhere diminishes the ability of the reader to detect the RFID tag.

Exterior RFID Tags:
• For vehicles with special windshields that are unable to work with normal RFID tags, there are EXTERIOR RFID tags available which can be placed in the same spot on the windshield, just on the exterior. The exterior RFID tags are only to be used when interior RFID tags do not work on the vehicle.

Please send in your tax exempt certificate and we will set up the account accordingly.

Unfortunately, we don’t the capability to reprint a receipt, please make sure that you are asking for a receipt at the time of service.

If your sticker is damaged or peeling and is not scanning at the wash, a store attendant will replace the sticker and activate it to your account. Please note that the replacement is not reflected on your monthly invoice and you can contact business accounts at to make sure the unknown sticker number is in fact a replacement.

Currently, we do not set up automatic payments for our fleet accounts.

Need additional assistance?

Contact our Business Accounts team to get additional assistance.