Through continuous research and development, Mister Car Wash champions the newest technology and services to make your car wash experience better for your vehicle and the environment.

All of our products are formulated specifically for each area’s car wash needs. Since we make all of our products, we are able to get the best clean based on a region’s bugs, pollen, salt, or whatever the road might throw at your vehicle.

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T3 Conditioner


This superior rejuvenating cleanser stimulates your vehicle’s surface and provides a foundation for subsequent applications and wax

  • Rejuvenates vehicles surface
  • Gently removes dirt and grime
  • Cleans and refreshes exterior



HotShine® Carnauba Wax


This industry leading waterfall application immerses your vehicle in a rich blanket of Carnauba Wax, fully penetrating for unmatched protection and shine

  • Mister Car Wash signature application
  • Vibrant glow & radiant shine
  • Rich waterfall of Carnauba wax



Repel Shield

web_10Repel Shield extends the vitality of your vehicles surface. With superior water repellency, this fortifying application safeguards against environmental elements like soils, grime and bugs.

  • Wraps vehicles exterior in protective shield
  • Silicone based to provide exceptional water repellency
  • Highly durable; tough on dirt & grime

Platinum Seal

image_80Platinum Seal is a finishing solution that elevates your vehicles shine and protection, extending the glow for a brighter surface

  • Extends life of shine and protection
  • More radiant looking finish
  • Signature treatment of our Platinum Packages




Wheel Polish

web_5aWheel Polish covers with shine and sparkle to match the vibrancy of your vehicle’s exterior. A revolutionary new technology focused on giving your wheels a complete targeted treatment

  • Protect against brake dust build up
  • Shine & sparkle to match vehicle’s exterior
  • New advanced technology