You’ve worked hard to build your car wash business, develop your people, and establish a good reputation in the community.

When it comes to selling your business, it’s important to find the right buyer; a company that will respect and recognize the intangible assets that often don’t show on a financial statement. For example, at Mister Car Wash, we look beyond the “physical plant,” placing value on the quality of your customer base, your well-trained staff and your growth trajectory.

We understand the connection owners often have with their business and getting to the “sell” decision is not always easy. We would sincerely welcome the opportunity to learn more about your business and discuss a potential transaction for both parties. We will walk you through the process in detail and treat every discussion in a discreet, fair, and straight forward manner. We believe in striking mutually beneficial deals and our track record of integrity speaks for itself.

Mister Car Wash’s operating expertise provides a strong platform for future growth in strategic markets. We’re currently looking to grow our business in our existing markets as well as diversifying into new markets with multi-unit locations. All discussions will be treated in a confidential manner.

Learn more about the acquisition process by contacting Casey Lindsay at [email protected] or 520-615-4000 ext. 183.

Recent Acquisitions

Super Sonic Car Wash

Florence, Alabama

Tiger Express Car Wash

Springfield, Missouri

Seven Express Locations

Huntsville, Alabama

Three Express Locations

Clarksville, Tennessee

The Car Wash Barn

Killeen, Texas

Southland Auto Wash

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Cruz Thru Car Wash

Bakersfield, California

Sudz Car Wash

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • What to Expect

    Performance-based incentives are available for managers, CSA’s and cashiers to help their incomes grow as the business volume grows through this new relationship.

  • What to Expect

    Career advancement opportunities are available to all; the majority of our current management team has been promoted from within.

  • What to Expect

    We promise to communicate with transparency any anticipated changes. In-depth integration meetings ensure an understanding of any and all necessary changes and their timing.

  • What to Expect

    Mister Car Wash offers a competitive wage scale and a comprehensive benefits package.


“I started with Vintage Car Wash in 2003 and was promoted to General Manager of my first location within seven months. The next four years of my career were spent learning to run a car wash from the previous owner. In 2007, when I learned that the owner was selling the company to Mister Car Wash, I was very nervous. I had just gotten married and bought a house, my wife worked for the same company and we were financially stable. I wasn’t sure this was good news. Mister Car Wash promised us that our jobs were not at risk and that the change would be a great experience for all of us. They were right, and it has been amazing. Mister Car Wash opened a new world to me. I have become a TRUE manager, leader, mentor and all around better person because of the opportunity Mister Car Wash provided to me. Five years later, I was promoted to Area Manager of a new region in Arizona. With Mister, there’s no telling how far you can grow.”

Ben Melendez, Division Manager

“Working for Octopus Car Wash as a General Manager for over twelve years in a ‘mom and pop’ type operation, I never had to deal with P & L's, financial statements, quarterly reviews and action plans. When Mister Car Wash acquired our location, I was nervous about what the new company, “corporate” would expect and if I could do the job. The first ninety days were challenging and required lots of hours learning new company policies & culture, building renovations and equipment upgrades. Mister Car Wash gives management the necessary tools and resources to do a job at the industry’s highest level of standards. I feel very privileged to be a General Manager with Mister Car Wash. It’s the best run operation in the industry.”

Eric Lewis, General Manager

“The acquisition was an unnerving experience in the beginning, as I am sure it was for everyone who has been part of one. However, once we met the team and they took the time to show us what Mister is all about and had to offer, it was encouraging and honestly is a rewarding feeling now. Car washing was not something I had dreamed about doing when I was a kid (which I don’t think many of us did), but over the years of working for Cloister, and now Mister, I have found that it is something I am good at and enjoy. Mister has car washing at such a high level as far as growth, service, technology, and of course clean cars.”

Dave Craig, Region Manager