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Mister Wins National Award for Employee Training Innovation

Multi-year hybrid training program receives industry nod 

The Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards is a 23-year program that recognizes leaders in corporate training, learning, talent, and human resources. Mister Car Wash, in collaboration with Absorb® Software, Inc., recently received the 2022 Silver Award for Best Advance in a Hybrid Learning Program for the Mister Learn training platform.  

“When thinking about the future of learning at Mister, we asked our team to go out on a limb and launch a whole new approach to learning,” said Rosie Cayetano, Senior Manager of Operations Systems at Mister Car Wash. “They really jumped in with us, and I couldn’t be prouder of the team members – from every corner of the company – who came along with us and made this a success.” 

Launched in 2018, Mister Learn is an online training platform that offers curriculums for all 6,500+ Mister employees across 415+ locations. Implementation of a hybrid approach to training put Mister ahead of the game in creating standardization of learning throughout the company. Prior to the establishment of a blended learning approach, training at Mister varied from location to location and from employee to employee. As the company continued to grow, particularly through acquisitions, the need for centralized training protocols for procedures, safety, and Mister culture became a top priority.  

“Mister Learn is the keystone in the company’s learning environment since it hosts the interactive modules that complement on-the-job training,” said Anna Zappia, Vice President of Human Resources. “Our collection of training materials offers new hires a strong foundation to prepare them for success, and it gives experienced employees easy access to training that will help them advance their careers and develop leadership skills.” 

The recognition from the Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards identifies Mister Learn as a premier hybrid learning program that effectively: 

  • Aligns to company learning needs 
  • Supports learning objectives, work environment, and organizational objectives 
  • Delivers value to both on-site and remote workers through various technologies, approaches, and tools through ease of access and change management efforts 
  • Produces measurable benefits and outcomes for learners and the organization 
  • Generates a positive impact for learners and the organization  
  • Incorporates proven adult learning techniques and teaching strategies 

“With thought and tenacity, creating a learning culture is possible in any industry,” said Jenny Merritt, Director, Learning & Development. “Tools are nice, but if adoption is to be achieved, the learning experience needs to be easy and frictionless. Mister Learn and its complimentary on-the-job tools are how we achieved this.” 

Mister Learn was recognized not only for the nimble platform and quality materials but also for the impact the hybrid approach has had across the employee experience and business operations. Regional leaders, who have been instrumental in the successful integration of the platform, have reported that standardized training has improved safety, performance, employee retention, and customer satisfaction. 

“Having seen the evolution of our training protocols and programs firsthand, I can attest to the strength of the platform and hands-on experience we are offering our future leaders today,” said Jack Larson, Director of Operations for the Southwest and Northeast divisions. “The caliber of our leadership in the field is strong, and these tools helped us get here.” 

Training ranges in subject matter from operations and safety to inclusion practices and leadership development. The robust suite of courses has been critical to the success of Mister’s training initiatives, including the industry-leading Operations Leadership Program. 

“Skills like projecting confidence, employing emotional intelligence, and establishing positive team dynamics are critical to the success of not only the individual but also the business,” said Mayra Chimienti, Chief Operating Officer. “We also recognize that learning itself is a skill, and that skill takes practice. Offering this dynamic format that evolves as the employee advances through their Mister journey is proof that we are committed to the professional and personal development of our people.”  

This is the second employer recognition that Mister Car Wash has received in 2022, having become Great Place to Work® certified this spring. Whether through training, mentorship, access, or opportunity, Mister continues to set the bar high for employee experience and growth. 


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