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Science Behind Our Shine: Temperature
How can you guard your car against summer heat?

Many of our members around the country are experiencing record-high temperatures. As uncomfortable as you feel climbing into your toasty car, imagine how hot your windshield must be.

Some of our most common questions during the summer months are about the effects of a drastic thermal change when you take a hot car that has been baking in the sun through a wash that uses cold water. The truth is that temperature can impact your wash, but not in the way that you might think.

1. Environmental Frenzy

During the summer months, more organic material is out and about. Pollens, plant trimmings, and even tree saps are swirling in the air. Road construction and reconditioning materials stick to your tires and undercarriage. Bugs of all sorts are out and about more during the warm weather, and they are breeding and getting in the way of your windshield. Each of these contaminants poses a different threat to your car.

2. Baking Bugs

Bug splatter on a vehicle is not only unattractive but can be damaging to your car’s finish. As the digestive acids and enzymes sit on the surface, they react to the coating layer and the heat. And the more the organic material dries out, the harder it is to remove. Washing as soon as you start to see bug buildup can save the life of your clear coat and paint.

3. Heat Acceleration

All year long you can expect critter splats to tag your front bumper, hood, and especially your windshield, but during the summer months, you’re dealing with a higher volume and greater speed of deterioration. A hot car with a bug splatter, roadwork oil, or coat of pollen is more reactive than a cool surface. This means you have less time to get to the wash before the damage is done.


Do you need another reason to beat the heat by visiting Mister? A ride through our tunnel will cool your car off by nearly 20 degrees – and a cool engine gets that A/C working faster.

The better news is that Mister’s 410+ locations around the country are ready to fight off the woes of summer heat with you. Unlimited Wash Club members wash as frequently as they want for the same price every month.

See you soon!