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Inspiring Futures, Teacher Appreciation Campaign
At Mister Car Wash, we’re all about giving back to our communities and inspiring people to shine. We’d like to thank everyone for nominating teachers from their local communities during our Inspiring Futures, Teacher Appreciation Campaign this year. We are pleased to announce that we were able to honor 30 teachers from all around the U.S. this year, awarding each with classroom grants and unlimited wash club memberships for one year.
The finalists include:

1. Mrs. Mitchell – Inverness Elementary – Birmingham, AL
2. Mrs. Price – Inverness Elementary – Birmingham, AL
3. Mrs. Knutson – Coyote Trail Elementary – Tucson, AZ
4. Mr. Upmann – Coronado K-8 – Tucson, AZ
5. Ms. Lopez – Evergreen Elementary School – Bakersfield, CA
6. Mrs. Reid – Vineland Elementary – Pueblo, CO
7. Mrs. Hand – Lyman High School – Longwood, FL
8. Mrs. Canino – Lakeview Middle School – Winter Garden, FL
9. Ms. LaFontaine – Brumby Elementary – Marietta, GA
10. Mrs. Kern – Sacred Heart Catholic School – Boise, ID
11. Mr. Anderson – Auburn High School – Rockford, IL
12. Mrs. Hutcheson – Indian Creek Elementary – Marion, IA
13. Miss Bradshaw – Rolling Knolls Elementary – Annapolis, MD
14. Ms. Critchett – West Catholic High School – Grand Rapids, MI
15. Mr. Mulholland – Kingsland High School – Spring Valley, MN
16. Mr. Seifert – Rochester Montessori School – Rochester, MN
17. Mrs. Boozer – Pearl Middle School – Pearl, MS
18. Mr. Loudis – Kickapoo High School – Springfield, MO
19. Mrs. Hoehne – Painted Sky Elementary School – Albuquerque, NM
20. Mrs. Dower – 13th and Union Elementary – Reading, PA
21. Mr. Jones – Devereaux Foundation – Glenmoore, PA
22. Mrs. Burton – Lipscomb Academy – Nashville, TN
23. Miss DeBlaw – Mirabeau B. Lamar High School – Houston, TX
24. Ms. Howell – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Elementary School – Houston, TX
25. Ms. Scott – Carnegie Vanguard High School – Houston, TX
26. Ms. Guerrero – Coldwell Elementary School – El Paso, TX
27. Miss Mayne – Brighton High School – Cottonwood, UT
28. Mrs. MacIver – Salk Middle School – Spokane, WA
29. Mrs. Mascitti – Hamilton High School – Milwaukee, WI
30. Ms. Seguin – West High SAIL Program – Madison, WI

Each of the honorees will receive a classroom grant of $500 to $1,000 plus an Unlimited Wash Club membership for one year.

Now meet five of our 2018 honorees and learn how they’re helping America’s future leaders shine.

Above, Inspiring Teacher Chasidy Burton of Lipscomb Academy in Nashville was one of the first to respond upon receiving the good news of her Mister Car Wash grant. In her statement she acknowledged her passion for developing empathy in students and her desire to help them discover their voice as agents of positive change. She said she enjoys “building relationships with her students, watching them grow as readers, writers and thinkers, and empowering them as people.” Burton frequently reminds her students that they matter and to “be kind, be brave and stay humble.” She plans to use her classroom grant to purchase classroom furniture that fosters collaboration, inclusion, flexibility and a community-like feel.

Shanan DeBlaw

Shanan DeBlaw, a business teacher at Lamar High School in Houston, rattles off the names of a long list of the great teachers she encountered on her own education journey, citing their wonderful learning experiences as her inspiration for becoming a teacher. After five years as a teaching professional, she says one of the things she loves most about her job is helping her students see things differently and inspiring them to imagine and dream bigger. When listening to their personal stories and experiences with failure and success, she strives to serve them with mentorship and love. One message she delivers and hopes will stick is this: “You have the power to create your own reality. What you think and speak creates your outcome. If you put positive energy – thoughts, words and actions – into a thing, your results will be positive. Have Only Positive Expectations.” One of her multiple nominators wrote: “Ms DeBlaw always encourages us to do our best and also spoils us in class by giving us supplies we need for other classes. Ms DeBlaw expects a lot from us and does not just let us get by in class. She gives great advice even when we don’t ask for it. She always will give us snacks, too, if we’re hungry.” With her Mister Car Wash classroom grant, DeBlaw plans to buy classroom supplies, snacks, reading materials and a beanbag for the cozy corner.

Mark Seifert

Mark Seifert of Rochester Montessori School in Rochester, Minnesota is another Inspiring Teacher recognized by Mister Car Wash in 2018. A teacher for 11 years, Seifert chose his career path after witnessing the joy his own father brought to students he taught in high school. Now, he says, “I get to guide such amazing students and help them achieve their potential as lifelong learners.” With his Mister Car Wash grant, he aims to purchase STEM activities for his classroom, such as a STEM Level One Educational Robot Kit.

Angela Critchett

Angela Critchett, left, a technology teacher at West Catholic High School in Grand Rapids, Michigan told Mister Car Wash what inspired her to become a teacher. “I had a few teachers that really made a difference in my life when I was growing up,” Critchett stated. “They encouraged me and pushed me to do my best. That is why I became a teacher. I hope to challenge and inspire my students in the same way.” She plans to furnish her classroom with new technology to help students learn.

Jeni Howell

Jeni Howell, right, Inspiring Teacher and Eco Team Leader at Longfellow Elementary in Houston, plans to buy supplies for her science lab with her Mister Car Wash grant. She also has her eye on some treats for her school’s pet chickens. She believes that change starts within each of us and she became a teacher to lead that charge because, as she said, “I know we can do better.”