At Mister Car Wash, we’re a team of exceptional people intent on inspiring others to shine.

We accomplish this by working together and aiming for excellence in everything we do, including the way we care for each other as teammates and our customers.

There is a reason why Mister Car Wash serves nearly three million loyal customers annually nationwide, with 150,000 new guests joining the Mister Car Wash experience each month. The energy on a Mister Car Wash lot is different than other car washes because our people move with a sense of purpose and urgency that translates into speedy, quality service. We pride ourselves on creating a delightful customer experience that exceeds expectations.

To be the best company we can be, we have to offer the best opportunities, and we’d like to believe that some of the best ones around are right here.

At Mister Car Wash, we still believe that hard work pays off and we pride ourselves on giving our team the tools they need to climb the ladder of success.

We know in order to become the best at something you have to work hard and treat those around you with respect. We adhere to this philosophy when hiring and training our team
members, as well as how we treat each person that drives up to our washes.

Meet our Team

People are our most important asset and we believe in giving them everything they need in order to succeed. Meet some of our team members and learn more about their career growth at Mister Car Wash.

Jody Dunlap

Jody has worked in the car wash industry for 34 years. She started as Regional Trainer with Mister Car Wash and after two years she was offered the Regional Development Manager position. “I enjoy being outside and the physical work. Watching our younger employees grow with the business.”

Dillon Dunn

Dillon has been working in the car wash industry for over eight years. “I have held seven different positions in about eight years, moving through the ranks from Production to Senior Supervisor and from Senior Supervisor to General Manager. My favorite thing about working for Mister Car Wash has to be the interaction with customers.”

Araceli Sanchez

In the past six years that Araceli has worked with the company, she’s experienced four different positions and has been promoted three times. Her favorite thing about working at Mister Car Wash is that, “we are one big family. We all look out for each other. I used to think this behavior was at the store level. I’m in corporate now, and I’m very happy to see that nationwide everyone really cares about each other’s regions and about growing together.”

Juan Moncada

Juan started as a Customer Service Advisor at one of our stores in Iowa. He was promoted to a General Manager and then relocated to Tucson as a Regional Trainer. “My favorite thing about Mister Car Wash is the opportunity. This really is a place where your career will reflect what you put back into it. It is filled with success stories and mentors and I like to think that one day I will be one of them. I am part of a team that is just as ambitious, talented, and determined to succeed. Keeping up is something I find rewarding, to look at ourselves and think we are some of the best in the business!”