Mister Car Wash Leadership

Mister Car Wash is led by an experienced team dedicated to delivering the best car wash in the industry, providing growth & development opportunities for our team members and inspiring our customers & communities to shine.

John Lai President & CEO

John Lai is Chairman, CEO, and President of Mister Car Wash. Before being named CEO in 2014, John spent 4 years as Mister’s Chief Operating Officer and was responsible for the company’s operations, human resources, and marketing. Prior to that he was Vice President of Market Development and played a key role in crafting the company’s employee-first culture and relentless focus on continuously improving the customer’s experience.

Prior to joining Mister Car Wash, John was Vice President of Sales for Financenter, President of Blue Coral Systems, and Manager for Nestle. John interned with IBM his senior year in college.

John’s a member of the Southern Arizona Leadership Council, Desert Angels, and Friends of Arizona Lacrosse.  John’s served on the boards of the International Car Wash Association, and the Western Car Wash Association.

John earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Arizona in 1987.

Bruce Schumacher Chief Financial Officer

Bruce is Chief Financial Officer for Mister Car Wash and was promoted into his role in July 2017. He oversees all finance functions, information technology, procurement, legal, accounting, and risk management.

Prior to Bruce’s promotion he served as Senior Vice President, Facilities and Integration, where he was responsible for facilities maintenance and integration teams.

Bruce joined the Mister Car Wash team in 2000 as a staff accountant and has served in various roles including accounting, finance, integration and leading operational focused projects during his tenure. Bringing a solid understanding of the operations and financial aspects of Mister, Bruce uses this perspective to guide strategic projects to grow the core business.

Prior to joining Mister Car Wash, Bruce began his career over 30 years ago at Deloitte & Touche where he earned his CPA and subsequently owned his own accounting and consulting practice for over seven years.

Bruce is a graduate from the University of Arizona.


Casey Lindsay Vice President, Mergers & Acquisitions

Casey is Vice President, Mergers and Acquisitions for Mister Car Wash and began his career with the company in 2013. He oversees all aspects of our acquisition strategy throughout the country. In his role, Casey is constantly searching for new opportunities to grow Mister Car Wash. His knowledge and experience with successful acquisitions spans both nationally and internationally.

Before joining Mister Car Wash, Casey oversaw more than 350 acquisitions nationwide with the largest US hearing aid retail company in the United States, Connect Hearing. Prior to his success with Connect Hearing, he managed the acquisition process across the United Kingdom for the private equity group, General Finance Group.

Casey holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Drake University.

Lisa Bossard Funk General Counsel

Lisa is General Counsel for Mister Car Wash and began her career with the company in 2015. With 30 years of legal experience, Lisa is responsible for the legal affairs of Mister Car Wash. She provides legal advice to the board of directors and management on company strategies and business transactions, financing, litigation and regulatory compliance.  Lisa strives to ensure that the company conducts its business in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Lisa is a graduate of the University of Arizona’s James E. Rogers College of Law. She is a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation, a director and past president of the Arizona Women Lawyers Association, a Financial Officer of the executive council of the business section of the Arizona State Bar, and a director of Tohono Chul Park.

Larry Minich Vice President and Special Adviser

Larry is Vice President and Special Adviser for Mister Car Wash and began his career with the company in 1999. He served as the CFO through 2013, at which time he stepped down as part of the Company’s Management Succession Plan. As Vice President and Special Adviser, he continues to work with the company’s acquisition team to evaluate new acquisitions, negotiate purchase contracts, and coordinate financial and legal due diligence related to acquisitions. He also serves on the company’s investment committee and as an adviser to senior management on strategic, operational and administrative matters.

Prior to Mister Car Wash Larry worked as a financial consultant from 1997 to 1999. He was the Senior Vice-President and Treasurer of Blue Coral Inc. in Cleveland Ohio from 1981 to 1996, and worked for Arthur Andersen from 1970 to 1981.

Larry is a CPA and a graduate of the University of Akron.

Mayra Chimienti Vice President, Operations Services

Mayra is Vice President, Operations Services for Mister Car Wash. In her current role, she has responsibilities leading training and development, store operation support, and customer care. She also plays a key role in the post-acquisition integration process assimilating new team members into the organization.

Mayra began her career with the company in 2007 as the Regional Trainer for the El Paso market. In this position she developed best practices for training store level team members on standard procedures and best in class customer service. In 2010 she relocated to the corporate office to continue her training efforts as Director of Training and Development. Her in depth knowledge of day to day operations and ability to strategically execute standardization have been key to the successful growth of the organization.

Mayra has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Texas at El Paso.

Joe Matheny Vice President, Operations

Joe is Vice President, Operations for Mister Car Wash. He began his career with the company in 1998 although his experience in the car wash industry first started in 1993. In his 24 years with the car wash industry, Joe has moved up through the ranks to reach his current position from crew member to General Manager, Regional Manager, and Division Manager.

In his current position, Joe oversees our operations leadership team and helps guide them in the standardization and optimization of our daily operations.  He is also an integral part of our acquisition process, in the on boarding and mentoring of new leadership teams.

Joe is passionate about the business and is dedicated to maintaining high standards through our accelerated growth.

Sarah Ross Vice President, Integration

Sarah is Vice President of Integration for Mister Car Wash and began her career in 2002 playing an integral role in the company’s success and growth. Full of energy and passionate about the mission, Sarah works to elevate the Mister Car Wash brand experience in newly acquired markets through integration process planning and implementation. From due diligence through business plan development and execution, she maintains keen focus on creating a seamless transition for newly acquired locations into the Mister Car Wash portfolio.

Prior to joining Mister Car Wash, Sarah worked in various marketing roles and led the marketing team for more than six years.

Sarah is a graduate from Auburn University and holds a Bachelor of Art’s in Marketing.

Dave Hail Vice President, Facilities Development

Dave is Vice President, Facilities Development for Mister Car Wash and began his career with the company over 14 years ago. As a 39-year veteran of the car wash industry, Dave oversees all aspects of facilities management and construction in addition to managing the Research and Development of new products. Dave worked to co-develop the Original HotShine, a Mister Car Wash signature product designed to give vehicles a long lasting shine, which can be found at Mister Car Wash locations nationwide.

Throughout his tenure in the car wash industry, he has worked in a number of roles with various companies, gaining valuable experience and extensive knowledge of the industry. He spent the first 13 years of his career learning the ropes of operations management with Octopus Car Wash before assuming his role as a manager of dispensing and applications at Ecolab/Blue Coral, where he created an in-house manufacturing facility for custom chemical application systems.

Lauren Babson Vice President, Information Technology

Lauren began her role as Vice President, Information Technology for Mister Car Wash in December 2017.  Lauren is responsible for partnering with the business to set strategic direction that leverages information technology to achieve business goals. She leads a team who supports the IT needs of all stores as well as corporate staff, implements and maintains current systems, and strives for maximum up time and stability of the computer systems and networks.

Lauren Babson is a results driven leader with a diverse background in both government and corporate settings.  She has extensive experience in software development and project management.  Most recently, she served as Director of Enterprise Technical Services at the University of Arizona where she managed several facets of IT, including Enterprise Applications, Windows Infrastructure, Mobile development and Enterprise Cloud Services.

Lauren graduated from the University of Miami with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and she holds an MBA from City University.

James Throckmorton Vice President, Development

James is Vice President, Development for Mister Car Wash and began his career with the company in 2017.  He oversees all aspects of our new build strategy throughout the country.  In his role, James is continuously looking for new opportunities to acquire and develop new build locations for Mister Car Wash.

Before joining Mister Car Wash, James was the Director of Real Estate with The Krystal Company, the second oldest fast food restaurant in the U.S. with a focus in the South-East U.S.  Prior to his time at Krystal, he was Regional Real Estate Manager for Panda Express.

James holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Real Estate and Finance and a MBA from the University of Georgia.

Felipe Valenzuela Director of Business Operations

Felipe is Director of Business Operations for Mister Car Wash and was promoted into this role in 2013.  Throughout his time with Mister Car Wash, he has worked to significantly improve Mister Car Wash’s budgeting and financial reporting process. Felipe has also played an active role in developing pricing strategies and analysis.

Felipe began his career with the company in 2010 and served as a Financial Analyst and quickly worked his way through the ranks. He brings a passion for maximized efficiencies and systems of operations to the Mister Car Wash team. He is always looking for ways to continuously improve existing systems and procedures, allowing Mister Car Wash to remain the leader in the car wash industry and to continue inventing the future.

Felipe has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Finance and Entrepreneurship from the University of Arizona.

Anna Zappia Director of Human Resources

Anna began her role as the Director of Human Resources for Mister Car Wash in 2016. She oversees payroll, benefits, employee relations, talent acquisition, and compliance with federal and state employment law.

Prior to joining Mister Car Wash, Anna was the Director of Finance for a Fortune 500 global technology company overseeing various finance and accounting functions.  Anna brings experience in building cross-functional, highly-productive teams by ensuring shared values between employees and the company, aligning people with positions that fit their skills, and creating efficiencies through technology and process improvements.

Anna holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and has over 10 years of experience in human resources management.

Chris Northey Sr. Director, Loyalty and Subscription

Chris is Sr. Director, Loyalty and Subscription for Mister Car Wash and began his career with the company in 2013. In his current role Chris is responsible for the growth and expansion of the Unlimited Wash Club program, it’s service offerings, member experience, and support of operations. Additionally, Chris oversees the Business Accounts and Customer Care functions for the company.

Prior to his current position, Chris spent 3 years as the Director of Marketing. Within this position he oversaw all aspects of the Marketing department, guiding the organization through brand revitalization, reimaging of locations, and member growth strategies.

Previous to joining the Mister Car Wash team, Chris was a Director in Operations for Royal Caribbean International.

Chris graduated from the University of Guelph and holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Arizona.

Megan Everett Director of Marketing

Megan is Director of Marketing for Mister Car Wash and began her career with the company in 2014. In her current role, she oversees all aspects of the marketing team and is responsible for the customer brand experience team, customer insights, and community relations.

She began her career with Mister Car Wash as the Social Media Manager and was later promoted to Brand Manager.

Before joining Mister Car Wash, Megan worked in a variety of roles in retail. Prior to MCW she was a member of the purchasing team at Meijer, a Brand Management Intern at Henkel, and an Assistant store manager at Maurice’s.

Megan graduated from Southern Utah University with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Marketing and holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Arizona.

Joaquin Valenzuela Director of Finance

Joaquin is the Director of Finance for Mister Car Wash and began his career with the company in 2009. Prior to his current role, Joaquin started as an Accountant and Internal Auditor and later joined the Financial Planning and Analysis department in 2013. He now focuses on analyzing revenue enhancing and cost reducing opportunities.

Prior to Mister Car Wash, Joaquin worked for Ernst & Young.  While at Ernst & Young, Joaquin audited companies in a variety of industries including manufacturing, hospitality, and retail.

Joaquin holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Arizona and a Master’s in Accounting from the University of Virginia.

Beth Iacono Director of Risk Management

Beth joined the Mister Car Wash team in 2015 as Director of Risk Management. She oversees the company’s total cost of risk by collaborating with all functional areas to identify, prevent, mitigate and transfer risk appropriately.

Prior to joining Mister Car Wash, Beth held risk management leadership roles in retail/distribution for SpartanNash and Target Corporation.

Beth is a graduate of University of Minnesota Law School with a Bachelor of Business Administration from University of Minnesota-Duluth and holds a Minnesota Attorney License.

Bob Hoffer Director of Loyalty Marketing

Bob began his role as Director of Loyalty Marketing for Mister Car Wash in 2009. He manages the growth, daily operation, and integration of new acquisitions into the Unlimited Wash Club and other loyalty programs.

Prior to joining Mister Car Wash, Bob served over 25 years in leadership roles in program management, product management, finance, marketing, operations, and sales with companies that include Fidelity Investments, NCR Corporation and Rain Bird.

Bob holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Business Administration from the University of Cincinnati.

Tom Stewart Director of Facilities Maintenance

Tom is Director of Facilities Maintenance for Mister Car Wash and was promoted into his role in in 2015. He oversees all maintenance functions from establishing best practices, standardizing training and installs, and streamlining vendors and buying power. Tom also developed our maintenance app along with our GPS system in each maintenance vehicle.

Prior to Tom’s current position he was the Director of Technology Integration, supporting new acquisitions and assisting with a seamless transition for newly acquired locations into the Mister Car Wash family.

Before joining Mister Car Wash, Tom began his career in the industry over 23 years ago, with Blue Coral. Following, he assisted with building a chain of car washes in Irving, Texas which consisted of 21 sites and 168 self-serve bays. In 2006 Tom became the General Manager for Big Man Washes and worked on new construction, remodels, service, and sales.

Tom was a United States Sea Bee’s and worked at Lockheed, building the F-16.

Steve Bean Director of IT

Steve is the Director of IT  for Mister Car Wash and began his career with the company in 2000. He is recognized for his ability in building systems that improve operational efficiency and ease. In his current position as Director of Information Technology, he is responsible for developing enterprise level IT systems that provide significant advantages for the organization and our customers. Additionally, he oversees the support of store operations information systems.

Prior to joining Mister Car Wash Steve developed IT systems for other multi-site organizations.

Steve holds a Bachelor of Arts from Old Dominion University in Virginia.

Walter Rudd Director Mister Oil Change Express

Walter Rudd is the Director, Mister Oil Change Express and was promoted to his current role in December 2017. He oversees and supports all aspects of Oil Change Express operations and leads the Regional and Territory Management teams assigned to the division.

Prior to Walter’s promotion he was the Express Lube Category manager and responsible for managing all supply vendor relationships, supporting the Express Lube division in marketing and training, as well as acting as the primary liaison between field operations and the corporate support team.

Walter first joined the Mister Car Wash team in 2000 as the Director of Sales and Training.  He left the company in 2006 and after a 5 year hiatus, Walter rejoined the team in 2011 where he served in his most recent role as Category Manager.  He has over 30 years of experience in automotive related service and uses his knowledge and understanding of operations, sales, service and customer relations to guide the direction of our dedicated employees and deliver a “best in class” service experience.

Walter graduated from the University of Arizona and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics.

Rob Heisterman Director, Product Development

Rob is Director, Product Development for Mister Car Wash and joined the team in 2013. He leads the research and development teams efforts to create unique features that enhance the customer experience, improve efficiencies, ensure product quality, and support the field.

Prior to Rob’s promotion he served as New Product Development Manager, where he was responsible for the analysis, growth, and expansion of new products for Mister Car Wash.

Rob joined the Mister Car Wash team in 2013, previously working as a Vehicle Care Specialist with Ecolab and sales and consulting for car wash operators in the Utah/Idaho regions.

Prior to joining Mister Car Wash, Rob was the Owner/Designer with KAHM Industries for 10 years designing high-end, custom lighting.

Rob holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Industrial Design.

Jason Lederman Director of Car Wash Systems

Jason joined the Mister Car Wash team in 2007 as General Manager in Mesquite, Texas. He has progressed in his career since, being promoted to a District Manager in 2010 and a Regional Manager in 2012. In 2015 Jason became  Division Manager overseeing Houston, Austin, and Killeen. Currently the Director of Car Wash Systems, Jason is responsible for the integration of car wash systems for newly acquired business in addition to overseeing process flow optimization initiatives nationwide.

Tim Vaughn Director of Operations, South Central

Tim Vaughn joined the Mister Car Wash team in 2011 through an acquisition in Missouri as a Regional Manager, with a history in the car wash industry for the past 19 years. In January 2014 Tim was promoted to Division Manager.  Currently, as the Director of Operations, South Central, Tim is directly responsible for developing the leadership teams in Mississippi and Texas with the exception of El Paso.


Ben Melendez Director of Operations, East

Ben joined the Mister Car Wash team in 2007 through an acquisition as a General Manager. He was promoted to District Manager in the El Paso area in 2010 and shortly after that, a Regional Manager in Tucson, Arizona. In 2015 Ben became the Division Manager and moved to Atlanta to oversee Alabama, Florida, and Georgia regions. Now as the Director of Operations, East, Ben is directly responsible for developing the leadership teams in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania.


Mike Monthey Director of Operations, Midwest

Mike joined the Mister Car Wash team in 2003 and started as a Customer Service Advisor in the Austin market. He was a CSA field trainer for 2 years and shortly after became the Director of Regional Trainers. After becoming a National Trainer on the Integration team, he was promoted to Regional Manager in 2012 and in 2017 Mike became a Division Manager. As the Director of Operations, Midwest, Mike is responsible for developing the leadership teams in Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan.


Ryan Darby Director of Operations, West

Ryan joined the Mister Car Wash team in 2013 but started in the industry in 2003. He has progressed in his career from starting in Production, which led him to be a Customer Service Advisor, then into Management as a General Manager, Regional Manager, and  Division Manager. As Director of Operations, West, he is directly responsible for developing the leadership teams in New Mexico, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Washington, and El Paso.

Prior to his career with Mister Car Wash, Ryan was Operations Manager for Xstream AutoClean in Lubbock Texas. This company grew to 8 locations and was acquired by Mister Car Wash in 2012.

Ryan has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management from Texas Tech University and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Southwest Car Wash Association