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Today, June 8th is National Best Friends day! Mister Car Wash encourages all employees to refer their friends to work for our amazing company and share a passion for the car wash industry together. Employees at Mister Car Wash are exposed to a great amount of teamwork and can create lasting friendships with their co-workers while working together. In celebration of National Best Friends day, we are sharing a few employee stories about two employees who have created friendships during their career at Mister Car Wash.

Glenn Reiner has worked for Mister Car Wash for three years, beginning his career at our South Kolb location in Tucson, Arizona. Glenn has worked at many of our Tucson locations, helping train and transition new employees and enjoys meeting new people on the job. During Glenn’s career at Mister Car Wash, he has gained lifelong friends and is grateful for the friendships he has gained. Glenn has also encouraged his friends that he knows outside of the car wash to come work for Mister Car Wash. He says, “throughout my time at Mister Car Wash, I have recruited 3 of my good friends to come and work for Mister Car Wash. One of those being my fiancée now. I have created a lot of lasting friendships throughout all the stores here, we are one big family at Mister Car Wash. We must work together every day as one solid unit, we are like a car engine where every part has to be working for us to move forward and be successful.” Glenn admired his past supervisor, Ron and decided to follow him to our newest location on Broadway and Swan. Glenn enjoys the friendship he shares with Ron and believes that they make a great team when they work together. Glenn has enjoyed watching Mister Car Wash grow and is excited to grow within the company as he continues his career with Mister Car Wash.

Ronald Stewart, the general manager of our newest Tucson location at Broadway and Swan has been with Mister Car Wash for six years. He began his career at our Tanque Verde location in Tucson, Arizona. Ron has enjoyed working for the company and watching it grow while watching his employees grow as well. Ron says, “I caught the car wash bug, and spend a lot of time at the wash, throughout that time, I have created lifelong friendships.” Ron enjoys working together with his team and working efficiently. He believes that communicating effectively with his team and treating them the way he would want to be treated is what makes his team so successful. “We are a cohesive unit, comprised of multiple moving parts. When all points from the top to the bottom click, we create the most successful team.” Ron is excited to play an important role at Tucson, Arizona’s newest Mister Car Wash location and is excited to watch this location grow and flourish.

Richard (Left), Ron (Middle), Glenn (Right)